The Gratography platform hosts outdoor travel and recreation enthusiasts who want to share their travel pictures and stories with other like minded people.

It’s maintained by an experienced team of travel and photography enthusiasts who have enjoyed the distinct pleasure of visiting all fifty states and the District of Columbia.

There are only a few common sense rules of the road. With so many photo hosting sites already available on the internet, Gratography strives to be a bit different.

By all means, members are encouraged to post as many pictures and stories covering different subjects as they desire. With thousands of categories, there’s always space for a new picture and story. For example, members might want to document the historical buildings in any town or city.

On the other hand, because Gratography is not a traditional photo hosting platform, we ask that members use only one or two of their best photos for any single subject, tell your story or provide a great photography tip.

For example, visitors to the city section might have a night photography and day photography take on the same building or cityscape. Comparing a subject like that that might be of interest to all members.

Another example, Gratography also hopes to become a great resource covering the fauna and flora of the United States, categorized by state and subject. The joy of photography often translates into people taking ten different shots of the birds at the feeder during the morning. We ask that members limit their posting of any bird (or other species in the fauna and flora guide) to their best one picture, along with their story and/or photography tip.

For the benefit of visitors and members alike, all the member posted pictures are reduced to a standard width of 500 pixels. The height will automatically resize proportionally. It makes scrolling the pages easier for visitors and members alike, and it helps conserve bandwidth. The maximum upload size for any picture is 2MB. Uploading the largest picture available also helps eliminate any noise in the picture after it’s resized.

Finally, Gratography scales very easy, and members who wish to have any photography category added can contact the team at the following address.

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