Florida Travel Pictures and Stories

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picture of Cape Canavaral National Seashore, part of the Florida travel pictures section

Whether you are traveling down the street or traveling across the country, there’s always a green travel picture around the corner.

Florida travel typically means a beach vacation any time of the year. In fact, in 2015, Florida set a record for having one hundred million foreign and out of state visitors. Arguably, it’s the top tourist spot in the world.

Gratography covers Florida beaches and much more. There’s always outdoor recreation activities going on in the Sunshine state. For example, Florida waters are great for boating. Think canoe trips down the Suwannee River in the north and air boats skimming across the Everglades in the south. Be it boating, hiking, biking or hanging out at the beach, there’s always Florida travel pictures waiting around the bend.

Gratography coverage begins with Florida’s ten largest cities, the traditional gateways to Florida fun. Press a button and begin sharing your Florida travel pictures and stories.

The possibilities are endless. No doubt the internet has some very large and inclusive travel review sites, equipped with travel packages for sale. Gratography aims to be a tad bit different. Members are certainly free to post their Florida travel pictures with reviews of every place they visit. Additionally, members can post any other Florida pictures and stories they might want to tell.

Press the cities link to browse through all the available cities in the state. Florida residents are encouraged to adopt their city and show it off to the world. As a matter of convenience the search area can easily direct anyone to a specific Florida city or topic.

Florida Pictures: Birds and Bees

Still not convinced? Wait, there’s more.

Outdoor Florida defines the green in Green Travel Photography (Gratography). The sub-tropical climate means that the fauna and flora of the state are new to the eyes of many visitors.

Residents and visitors soon learn that the state’s wildlife, including the birds and bees, are both great photography subjects as well as memories of good times past and promises of future good times.

Gratography builds on the concept of crowd sourcing with the goal of encouraging the photographic enthusiasm of visitors and residents. Let’s build a great fauna and flora resource for site members and visitors.

The buttons organize the task by dividing the topic into five general categories: Amphibians/Reptiles; Animals; Birds; Insects; and Flowers. Save the awesome landscapes and city scapes for section one. Thanks for being a Gratographer.