South Carolina Travel Pictures and Stories

picture of a home in Charleston, SC

Whether you are traveling down the street or traveling across the country, there’s always a green travel picture around the corner.

Gratography covers South Carolina, starting with the state’s ten largest cities. Press a button and begin posting your pictures and stories. Press the cities link to browse through all the available cities in the state. Use the search to find a specific city.

Nature Photography

Still not convinced? Wait, there’s more.

Gratography celebrates the world of photography and photographers, from the SLR power photographers with their array of lenses, filters and tripods to the hand held photographers with the phones turned on throughout the day. All photographers know that pictures of turtles, birds, butterflies or other subjects that catch the traveler’s eye can serve as memories of good times past and promises of future good times.

In combination, and with a little bit of crowd sourcing, these pictures also set the foundation for building both South Carolina and national fauna and flora resources. Nature photographers, birders and all occasion photographers are invited to contribute to the effort. The buttons organize the task by dividing the topic into five general categories: Amphibians/Reptiles; Animals; Birds; Insects; and Flowers. Save the awesome landscapes and cityscapes for section one. Thanks for being a Gratographer.